About Iluminar 
    Iluminar Nail Spa is a family owned business that is committed to providing customized, upscale services at reasonable prices. Our mission is to create an illuminating and relaxing atmosphere where our customers can unwind and escape everyday troubles. In order to ensure that we provide a healthy environment where your nails can flourish, we provide only natural nail services; therefore, we do not offer harmful acrylic-based nails. Our pedicures are only performed in copper foot tubs that allow for clean and bacteria-free pedicures, thereby promoting healthy nails. At Iluminar Nail Spa, our team of Nail Technicians offer quality pampering manicure and pedicure services. Our team wants the best and safest treatments for our clients, they offer professional advice on how to achieve better nail care.  Here at Ilumniar Nail Spa we want to fulfill the needs of every client.  
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